Are you starting a business, remodeling your company or adjusting to the new normal – I can help you create new ideas that will turn to profitable products and services.

Are you one of those people who happily start projects but don’t finish them? I will give you tools and a push to turn ideas to offers.

Do you get ideas all the time and find everything “super exciting”? Then you might need help sorting out and prioritizing all those ideas, so that your business stays consistent.

Online Courses

Courses on Idea Generation. For beginners and advanced idea generators. All price levels. Available on two different platforms:

I have created various free downloads for you to help you master your idea generation and creative business thinking. Scroll down to find it all.

Every month I write articles on Idea Generation for Medium and Maddyness UK. Don’t forget to check out the blog for updates, behind the scenes and a sneak peek to my daily work life.



I offer keynotes, workshops and class lectures on idea generation (both LIVE and online).


I coach individuals and groups on how to create innovative and profitable business ideas.

Online Courses

My digital courses are available on my own platform and on TabletWise.


I write for Medium and guest write for Maddyness UK. I take on writing assignments.
Welcome to my website! My name is Magdalena Bibik and I create business ideas. For myself and for my clients. I was born in 1978 in Poland, but am living in Sweden since 1992. I work globally in English, Swedish and Polish.
I hold an MBA and LLM from Lund University. My firm saw the light of day in March 2009. I have a past of working in FMCG, marketing and business strategy but also over 25 years experience from the health and fitness industry and thousands of hours on stage. Zumo, my rescue doberman is the real boss around here.
The easiest way to get in touch with me is via e-mail or LinkedIn.
Nice to have you here!
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