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Her are some of the testimonials I’ve been honored to get for my work:


I have worked with Magdalena on a number of occasions and she is a brilliant entrepreneur with her unique passion for business. She is curious, fun to work with, always one step ahead with her bright ideas. I admire that she has the courage to also put them into action. – Per Frykman
Spisałaś się świetnie. Nikt by nawet nie uwierzył, że to Twój pierwszy wykład po polsku! – Magdalena Mazur
Magdalena is one of the most remarkable public speakers I have ever been afforded the opportunity to listen to. – Malin Kelly
Bästa kursen ever jag har stött på under ensamt företagande i 13 år! Jisses så mycket det gav mig att blicka framåt på grund av Corona, men nu känner jag verkligen kraft och energi att fortsätta mot mina mål. – Silvia Nilsson Cickovska