Too many ideas and no structure? Let's sort them out!

Too many ideas and no structure? Let's sort them out!

You are working on something really exciting, something that you came up with recently and you are convinced that this is your next big thing. But wait! This another idea that you JUST cracked is also intriguing! Plus… that idea you got during your walk earlier today would be cool to do something about…

I call us “popcorn people”, and I used to be like that, until I took on so much at the same time that the quality of my work decreased noticeably. I lost my focus and ended up “putting down fires”. I don’t want the same to happen to you.

Don’t get me wrong, this ability of yours (ours): coming up with ideas all the time is awesome! As a matter of fact, there are people who have a hard time coming up with a single idea, and yours just seem to pop up… like popcorn. However… if you are a person who wants to turn EVERY idea to reality, then Houston, we have a problem!


They say it takes 10000 hours to master something. You can only master so many things…


Would you hire someone who does “everything”, or someone who is laser focused on one thing?


If I told you that you could do “everything”, but not at once… would that be interesting for you?

Too many ideas and too little time means that you have to choose. Or put off ideas to the future. Or hire a team. Regardless, you can’t do it all at once, at least not alone and expect exceptional quality. And exceptional quality is the only option, no?

Let’s sort out your ideas and see which ones are to keep, which ones are to postpone, and which ones to get rid off. Beware, I am a hardcore minimalist. The flip side: everything that’s left when we’re done will be nothing short of world class. Are you in?

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Learn this at your own pace with the help of “Idea Lab”.

a brilliant entrepreneur!

I have worked with Magdalena on a number of occasions and she is a brilliant entrepreneur with her unique passion for business. She is curious, fun to work with, always one step ahead with her bright ideas. I admire that she has the courage to also put them into action.

– Per Frykman

until the idea was right!

A lot of coaches take the the role of an expert, and even though Magdalena gave me expert advice, she was also my support throughout the process and worked on my idea together with me until it felt right. The coolest thing: her video material feels just as personal as her coaching.

-Bianca Kravitz

all my new ideas!

You are awesome! I was out running and listening to your podcast, Suddenly I turned around and rushed home as fast as I could to write down all new ideas that I got! Maybe not the best thing for my training, but for my business…!

-Ulrika Nilsson