Are you out of ideas? Don't worry, I'll help you find one!

No ideas? No problem! I will help you get unstuck and find the right idea to focus on.

Imagine your boss rushing into your office at 8.30 AM, asking you to “come up with some exciting ideas for the 9 AM meeting.” Or picture a client coming over in two hours and those new ideas you promised a few weeks ago just can’t seem to emerge…

Being stuck with zero ideas is stressful. I know because I’ve experienced it first hand. Seen as “the creative soul” at most of my work places over the years, it was always on me to come up with our next big thing. Believe me when I tell you that I’ve felt the idea generation panic more times than I can count. Until I learned where to look and what to look for – and everything changed.

As fantastic and exotic the Eureka moment can be, generating ideas upon request is a skill. Luckily, it can be mastered – and I am here to guide you. I will give you the tools you need to:


Save yourself the stress and anxiety of not having anything to present when asked for an idea.


Gain an idea generating mindset that works as your creative business thinking assistant – always ready to come up with interesting ideas.


Become the person that colleagues and clients can trust to create high quality ideas.

I want you to feel joy and excitement when asked if you can come up with a new idea for your clients or your company – or yourself! I even want you to be able to write “Head of Innovation” on your business card, because you will, in fact, become the master of idea generation at your firm. It will be my pleasure to help you get there.

the next step:

A free 30 min phone call to specify your idea generation needs and create a coaching plan.

Learn at your own pace with the help of “Idea Lab”

new business idea!

My newly founded company was heavily hurt by the pandemic, and I needed to quickly find new solutions. It was either give up or come up with a new idea. “Idea Lab” helped me change my mindset and come up with a completely new and profitable idea. Thanks Magdalena!

-Birgir Birgisson

best course I’ve taken!

The best online course I’ve stumbled upon during my 13 years as a business owner. Oh my goodness how much it gave me when it comes to looking forward beyond the pandemics. Last but not least, I got the energy to keep going towards my goals.

-Silvia Nilsson Cickovska

all my new ideas!

You are awesome! I was out running and listening to your podcast, Suddenly I turned around and rushed home as fast as I could to write down all new ideas that I got! Maybe not the best thing for my training, but for my business…!

-Ulrika Nilsson